Redesigned home page with a little bit of WordPress magic

Latinitas, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering Latin girls through media and technology, approached Central Texas GiveCamp (now called Austin GiveCamp to create a new and modern home page for their current WordPress site. There were two major challenges: first, distilling everything they do (and they do a lot) into a few discrete bullet points to drive users to the right part of the site; and second, come up with visuals that would appeal to two very different target audiences: young girls and potential donors and partners.

I designed the page in the browser, while my partner Terrance Smith hooked it into the existing WordPress back-end using tags to automatically update it with the latest information. The page was built mobile-first and responsive; and since carousels are generally not awesome and even more not-awesome on mobile, we used a little nugget of PHP to select a random cover photo and quote on page load for a different experience every time.